Zoom Phone Guides and Resources

What is Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription based Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. This cloud based calling application seamlessly transitions to a fully-fledged communication and collaboration product complete with voice, conferencing, messaging, and video in the same solution.

The Synod Offices at Pitt Street and North Parramatta will be transitioned from the legacy PABX environment to Zoom Phones. The transition will Improve communication and collaboration across the organisation, enhance business continuity capabilities while also enabling greater workplace flexibility by allowing us to work from any location with internet connectivity.  Using Zoom Phone alongside Zoom Meetings will also further streamline and simplify communication by allowing us to seamlessly elevate a phone call to a full feature Zoom Meeting without requiring participants to manually join.  Zoom Phone can be accessed via the Zoom Desktop Client (Softphone) and the Mobile App for flexibility to make or receive calls from anywhere via any device.  

With Zoom Phone, it's easy to: 

  • Do more with a single unified app for video, voice, messaging, and meetings
  • Make and receive calls over WiFi and mobile data connections
  • View your call history, listen to or read transcribed voicemails, and return calls directly from the app
Training resources
  • Read and/or download Zoom Getting Started User guide here.
  • Read and/or download Zoom Application User Guide here.
  • Watch the Zoom Phones App training video here
  • Read and/or download the Jabra headset user guide here.
  • Watch the Jabra headset training video here
  • Read and/or download the Yealink handset user guide here
  • Watch the Yealink handset training video here
  • Read and/or download the Call Delegation guide here.
  • Read and/or download the Call Handling guide here.
Download Zoom App for mobile devices
  • For Android devices download app here.
  • For Mac devices download app here.