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1 Congregation and Presbytery Guide to Employing Lay Ministry Workers

2 Guidelines for Remunerating Lay Ministry Workers

3 Recruitment Process Flow Chart

4 Recruitment Request Form

5 Position Description Guidelines

6 Recruitment Advertising Form including sample advertisement

7 Internal Vacancy Form

8 Job Applicant Information Package

9 Example of acknowledgement of application letter

10 Examples of Competency Based Interview Questions

11 Formal Panel Response

12 Pre-interview checklist

13 Example of Unsuccessful Application Letter  

14 Example of Post Interview Unsuccessful Letter

15 Example of Letter to attend interview

16 Reference Checking Guidelines

17 Health Pre-Assessment

18 Form to request a letter of offer

19 Example of award free letter of offer recognising previous employment 

20 Example award letter of offer recognising previous employment 

22 Example of Award letter of offer 

23 Example of award free fixed term letter of offer 

24 Example of award free casual letter of offer 

25 Example of award fixed term letter of offer 

26 Example of award casual letter of offer

27 Example of letter of offer for Lay Ministry Leaders and the Specified Lay Ministry of Pastor

28 Fair Work Information Statement

29 Employee Personal Detail Form

30 Example letter confirming satisfactory completion of probationary period

31 Independent Consultant or Contractor Approval Questionnaire – minor contracts

32 Independent Consultant or Contractor Approval Questionnaire – major contracts

33 Example of contract A – Contract for a desired result – Individual

34 Example of contract B – Contract for services – Individual

35 Example of contract C – Contract for services – company

36 Independent Consultant or Contractor Checklist and Induction Specifications

37 Subcontractor’s statement

38 “Uniting in Work” @work Induction Checklist

39 “Uniting in Work” Employee Induction Handbook

40 “Uniting in Work” Employee Induction Presentation