The Synod HR Committee trusts that this manual will be of assistance to employers and employees within the Synod.

The manual has been prepared as a guide, containing policies, procedures, benefits and general information for all workplaces operating within the Synod.

Download the Employment Manual Introduction/Overview.

The Church is comprised of multiple unincorporated associations who are, in their own right, employing entities.


The most commonly accessed types of leave are annual leave, sick leave and long service leave.

The Employer should immediately forward the completed and authorised forms on to HR for processing.


The Uniting Church seeks to provide workplaces which will:

  • Treat all people fairly and respectfully and not simply regarded as resources
  • Be non-discriminatory in our practices
  • Take seriously issues of work satisfaction, use of skills and the impact of work on other parts of people’s lives
  • Foster a culture of encouragement and consultation
  • Affirm the legitimate roles of unions and employer organisations representing their members in the workplace
  • Encourage collective workplace agreements wherever practicable
  • Provide fair and just reward for all employees
  • Resolve grievances and conflicts directly with those affected and involving third party mediation where helpful
  • Exercise creative and responsible stewardship of the church’s resources


As a responsible employer within the Community, employers within the Church will set high standards for the services they deliver, and for the way they treat their employees.

By setting high standards, employers will as a minimum, comply with the relevant Federal and State employment related legislation, and where appropriate apply the provisions of the relevant Regulations and Awards.


Employers recognise their employees are a resource to be valued and nurtured.

To attract and retain a high quality type of personnel, employers acknowledge the need for individual employees to respond to change and to update their skills and qualifications.


The issue is addressed by Federal and State law.

For information regarding Privacy and Surveillance contact the Privacy Officer Jae Hunt,


The Uniting Church treats all employees fairly and complies with all legal and award requirements.