Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

Mimecast is a next generation cloud based Secure Email Gateway that uses sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and intelligence to protect email data and employees from malware, spam, phishing, and targeted attacks. 

For further information on the Mimecast product, please watch the video below.



New security policies have been implemented to ensure that messages containing possible junk, spam content or specific attachments are not delivered directly to your Inbox.  Instead, messages are held in a quarantine area, called the hold queue.

A Mimecast Digest Notification will arrive in your Inbox listing a summary of messages in your hold queue.  There are a few options available in dealing with the messages listed in your digest notification, including;

  • Block - removes the message from the hold queue, but does not deliver the message to your inbox.  Messagesfrom this sender will be immediately blocked rejected, and will not be delivered to your inbox.
  • Permit - releases the message from the hold queue, and immediately delivers it to your Inbox.  Messages from this sender will bypass all spam checks, and will be delivered to your inbox provided it passesvirus scanning, content, and attachment policies.
  • Release - releases the message from the hold queue, and immediately delivers it to your inbox.  Messages from this sender may still be sent to the hold queue, depending on predefined security policies and the message's content.

If there are no new messages in your hold queue, you will not receive a digest notification.  If not actioned, you will not be reminded about these particular emails again and the email will expire from the hold queue after a maximum of 58 days.  The Mimecast Digest Notification will be delivered to your mailbox at the following time intervals; 9am, 12pm, 4pm & 8pm.

To action (block, permit or release) any of the messages listed in the Mimecast Digest Notification you will need to submit your request to the helpdesk@nswact.uca.org.au outlining the following details;

  • From email address
  • Subject
  • Date
  • Destination email address
  • Action (Release, Block, Permit)