Speak Out using the confidential and independent hotline 1800 951 145 or by reporting on the independent online Speak Out website.

Safe, Simple, Secure

The Speak Out Program is administrated by our integrity partners, Core Integrity. Core Integrity's Hotline platform, powered by ClearView Connects™, provides you with a safe, simple and secure platform to report a wide range of issues either confidentially or anonymously.

When you submit a report via the Core Integrity platform, we want you to take comfort in knowing that all reports are treated in the strictest of confidence.

The Core Integrity team are experienced in receiving, assessing and dealing with confidential and sensitive reports and provide this service on behalf of your organisation.

  • To Speak Out is to raise a genuine issue of concern about the safety, wellbeing and security of the Church and its people with confidence that it will be taken seriously and addressed. That is what we mean by Speaking Out "in confidence".
  • Where possible, issues or concerns should be dealt with as locally and directly as possible. However, these are different ways to Speak out which may suit different circumstances.

Examples of when to Speak Out:

  • A safety or security concern, particularly related to children or vulnerable people.
  • Work, health and safety issues.
  • Data security/privacy concerns
  • Concerns about any breach of any law or regulation.