There may come a time when we hear, see or experience something that we know is not right, or makes us feel unsafe. It can be challenging to discuss potential wrong doings, but there is help available. You can raise any issues, past or present, or even just voice your concerns, via our confidential and secure reporting service ‘Speak-Out’.

Speak-Out allows you to talk to someone in-confidence, and anonymously if you wish. Concerns can relate to anything that has not felt right to you, and could be about any of our congregations, services or entities. Your concerns will be handled by our independent partner, Core Integrity, who operates the Speak Out service. Core Integrity are here to listen, understand, and help you through the reporting process. If you do choose to Speak Out, you will always stay in control of the situation. Core Integrity will only ever share with the church details of any information you provide with your consent.

I'm Ready to Make a Report Online

We know it can be difficult to Speak Out, but help is available, and no concern is too big or too small, too recent or too far in the past to report. You will always be treated with respect and compassion when you choose to Speak Out.

Five ways you can Speak Out:

  • Via the online Speak Out platform
  • Independent and confidential hotline: 1800 951 145
  • Write a letter: PO Box 895, Darlinghurst NSW 1300
  • Accessing the online platform by scanning the QR code:
  • Speak Out is a confidential reporting service, allowing you to raise any matter of concern. Matter of concerns about the safety, wellbeing and security of the Church and its people with confidence that it will be taken seriously and addressed. 
  • Where possible, issues or concerns should be dealt with as locally and directly as possible. However you are always welcome to raising issues through the Speak Out service, especially if other methods have not been effective or are not a suitable avenue.

You can speak out about anything that is concerning you. It may be things such as:

  • A safety or security concern, particularly related to children or vulnerable people.
  • Work, health and safety issues.
  • Data security/privacy concerns
  • Concerns about breaches of any law or wrongdoing

For Congregations

  • Speak Out to a trusted person in a Congregation member, for example a Minister or member of the Church Council.
  • You may also seek the guidance of your Presbytery leadership, or a member of the Synod Risk and Compliance Team.
  • Alternatively, you can Speak Out using the confidential and independent hotline 1800 951 145 or by reporting on the independent online Speak Out website.

For Staff of the Synod or Assembly

  • Speak Out to a trusted person in your organisation. This could be your manager or supervisor.
  • You may also seek the guidance of those who provide support with resolving issues in your organisation which includes the People and Culture Team and the Risk and Compliance Team.
  • Alternatively, you can Speak Out using the confidential and independent hotline 1800 951 145 or by reporting on the independent online Speak Out website.

General Public and Community

This service extends to members of the public and anyone who has engaged with a Uniting Church entity, service or program.

We encourage all congregations to advertise the Speak Out service visibly in their church, so that everyone is aware of where they can voice concerns.

  • Posters can be printed either in an A4 or A3 size. We recommend it to be displayed somewhere prominent in a high traffic area of your church. 
  • Banners can be used for websites, newsletters and social media
  • Download the video to show in your services if you wish

All of these assets are available below in the Speak Out resources section.

Please feel free to share photos of the Speak Out resources on display in your church. And, if you have any questions, suggestions on improvements to these resources, please contact us at

Core Integrity understands our diversity. We have had reports come through in languages other than English by working with the reporter to identify what method of interpreting they are comfortable with. 

Newsletter banners

Download a selection of banners for your electronic mail or Church newsletters:

Social Media 

Download a selection of social media assets for your social pages:


Dowload and display posters in your Church:

  • English
  • Korean (coming soon)
  • Chinese (coming soon)
  • Tongan (coming soon)
  • Fijian (coming soon)


Download the explainer video here