Read the guide below and spread the word.

You can download posters for your Churches as well.



Palm Sunday 2020: How to Prepare and What to Expect on the Day

Whether you’re a seasoned Palm Sunday marcher or a first time organiser, here is a simple guide to get you started.  You could organise another friend to join, your family, or a church group. You might find some of these ideas more applicable than others , depending on the size and type of group.

Getting Started

  • Sign up to let us know you’re coming

Please let us know if you are coming, what congregation or group you are part of (if any) and who else you plan to invite. This helps us plan for the march and track our total Uniting Church participation.

  • Invite people to join you

Think about Palm Sunday means for you, and what type of future you want for refugees and people seeking asylum from conflict. Who else do you know who shares these concerns?

Reach out to your family, friends, neighbours, church, local community group or anyone else to come, tell them why its important to you, and invite them to come or even assist in organising a group. If it’s your first time, it can be great to go with someone close to you, but we will join as one Uniting family on the day.

Send everyone the link to the sign up page, so they can all be informed before the day.

  • Spread the word

Put a poster up at your church, library or local shop. If you use Facebook, don’t forget to tell everyone you plan to go.

Make an announcement in church, or ask someone else to do it if it’s not your thing. Put a notice in the church  newsletter and put a poster up.

  • Create your visuals

It is great to hold something, and feel part of the rally and walk. Signs, photos, banners are key to getting the message across to passers-by and the media. It can be a great conversation starter on public transport on the way in

If you are coming as a group, consider hosting a time you can all paint banners and signs for the march. Banners and signs with local messages can be very powerful or can just say what congregation or group you are part of. Here are some examples below.


  • Plan how to get to Belmore Park

Belmore Park is a public park at the southern end of the Sydney CBD.. Adjacent to Central railway station it is bounded by Hay Street, Eddy Avenue, Elizabeth Street and Pitt Street.

Public Transportation

Trains: Central Station (Eddy Ave exit) is across the road from Belmore Park.

Buses: There are several bus routes that stop outside Central station on Eddy Ave, Elizabeth St, Pitt St, and Hay St.

Light Rail: The Light Rail stop at Central Station is across the road from Belmore Park. For more information regarding train and bus timetables, visit

If you’re driving, park at least several blocks away from Belmore Park or Victoria Park. Broadway Shopping Centre has reasonable parking rates.

If you’re getting picked up, plan your ride beforehand (and make it at least several blocks away from the action).

  • Plan what to bring

How to dress: We’ll be marching roughly 1.4km, so wear comfy shoes and a hat and bring a bottle of water and sunscreen.

Tshirts: If you have Give Hope campaign or Uniting for the Common Good t-shirts please wear those. We will have a number of the latter on the day. First in, first served.

Uniting staff could wear one of the pink and white Uniting shirts if they have one. We would love people to wear purple, and/or t-shirts showing their congregation or organisation.

 Otherwise, you could wear purple, and/or t-shirts showing your congregation or organisation or whatever you are comfortable in.

Placards: If you can bring your banner/placard or sign (roughly A3 size or larger).

Mobiles:  Make sure your phone battery is 100% (or as close as possible) before you leave home.

  • Find us on the day

Once you reach Belmore Park you’ll see many others gathering for the rally and a stage. To find the Uniting Church & Uniting group, look out for our ‘Uniting for the common good’ banner – as seen below. We will be sure to hang this up near the stage.

  • What will happen

After hearing from the speakers on the stage, everyone will begin the marchdown Broadway to Victoria Park. We’ll be walking in a large Uniting & Uniting Church group so be sure to find us first at Belmore Park so we can walk behind our Uniting Church banners as one group  Leichhardt Uniting will once again bring the big drumming crew out.

You're under no obligation to shout/chant/sing. Look around. Soak up the atmosphere. Feel a part of something bigger. If you are interested in drumming, you can join a rehearsal with Leichhardt Uniting Church shortly before the day.

  • Stay Connected

This part is very important: As soon as the day is over, be sure to select your best photo, write down what the day meant for refugee justice, and send it to us or post it on the Uniting Social Justice Forum Facebook page, your own Facebook  page if you are  on it and anywhere else you want your message to be heard. Don’t forget to share some photos with your congregation after the event.

Get in touch to hear about the Give Hope campaigns

  • Be Proud

Finally, be proud of yourself for what you're doing. For stepping up. For walking as an action of prayer. For standing up. For being part of democracy and making your voice heard. It is a new decade of difference.