The Social Justice Forum

The Social Justice Forum (SJF) is one way the tradition of prophetic ministry and social justice advocacy continues within the Synod of NSW and the ACT.

The Forum was established in 2009 to strengthen collaboration and to encourage capacity building in community advocacy through campaigns and training.

It’s made up of senior leaders within the Synod and its community services agencies. 

The Uniting Advocacy Team

The work of the SJF is supported by the Uniting Advocacy Team within the Mission, Communities and Social Impact directorate. The team is led by Head of Advocacy Emma Maiden. It includes Earth Advocates who lead our climate and environment campaigns - visit the Uniting Earth Web site for more info on these. Full list of current team members under Contact us below.

It aims to encourage individuals, Congregations and Presbyteries to be informed and to take action on social issues as an expression of their faith.


The Social Justice Forum and the Uniting Advocacy Team:

  • Recommends action and advocacy initiatives for the Synod. Currently we have four main campaign priorities: the Fair Treatment campaign for drug law and policy reform; the Uniting Affordable Housing campaign;  The Give Hope: Uniting for Asylum Seekers campaign; and climate and environment campaigns led by our Uniting Earth Advocates. 

  • Encourages and supports all parts of the church to engage in social justice activity. This happens through provision of information and other resources, including an advocacy training package and guidance on meeting with MPs.

  • Shares information about social justice advocacy happening around the Synod through the SJF Facebook pages, Social Justice E-news, Synod's Insights and other means.


Emma Maiden Head of Advocacy

Kyle Cox Senior Campaign Adviser   

Dee Davidian Social Justice Advocate 

Alex Hogan  Social Justice Advocate (on leave 2019-20)

Jason John  Uniting Earth Advocate  0438 609 097

Jessica Morthorpe  Uniting Earth Advocate  (02) 9768 6897 

Jon O’Brien  Advocacy Senior Specialist   0477 725 528      

Stafford Sanders  Social Justice Advocate  0412 070 194

Dom Schuster Government Relations Specialist  0466 714 899

Bronwyn Seneque Advocacy Project Specialist  0420 578 028

SJF email:

Advocacy team email:

The Advocacy team is located on:
Level 5, 222 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000
Level 1, War Memorial Building, 13 Blackwood Place, North Parramatta NSW 2150.

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