A commitment that concerns us all

The Uniting Church has a commitment to the environment, both because social justice and the integrity of the environment are linked, and because the environment has intrinsic value.

We believe that God, as the Creator of the universe, calls humanity into a relationship of mutuality and interdependence with the Creation. God’s will for the Earth is renewal and reconciliation, not destruction by human beings.

We are particularly concerned about human-induced climate change.  Climate change is a serious threat to the integrity of life on Earth, now and for future generations. We are especially engaged in supporting our vulnerable neighbours in the Pacific.

Interlinked crises (including climate change, militarism, the energy crisis, the food crisis, and the global financial crisis) confront human and ecological wellbeing, and are deeply rooted in our social, political, and economic systems. In all the ways that we live and interact in this world, we are called to participate in a vision of flourishing, abundant life, of peace and reconciliation, justice and transformation, love and inclusion for all creation.

Uniting Earth Ministry

Uniting Earth Ministry part of the UME team in the Uniting Church in Australia, NSW/ACT. 

Uniting Earth Ministry works across the church to explore how we might “confess the Lord in fresh words and deeds” (Basis of Union, 11) in light of our developing awareness of the place of humans in Creation.  The project includes courses and other educational initiatives, resources for churches, retreats, advocacy work and more.