Supporting the community in times of crisis

When disasters strike, people are affected in every aspect of their lives, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  Holistic care must account for all aspect of a person’s experience and need. 

The Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network (DRCN) is an ecumenical network of chaplains established to assist people in NSW who have been affected by disasters and major emergencies within their communities. 

The network was established in 2009 by the Uniting Church (Synod of NSW and ACT) as a result of deliberations within the State Disaster Welfare Committee, which recognised the need for chaplaincy to complement the other welfare services within evacuation and recovery centres following major emergencies.

If you would like more information on on DRCN visit their website.


The DRCN was established in 2009 following discussions within the NSW State Welfare Services Committee. This is an ecumenical chaplaincy ministry which is trained and coordinated by the Synod under a Memorandum of Understanding with the NSW Government through the Ministry for Police and Emergency Services (MPES).  At the request of Disaster Welfare Services, the church sends teams of chaplains to evacuation and recovery centres, working alongside other welfare agencies. For more information on the Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network, click here.


Peer support is a widely-used strategy for the care of people during difficult times. The Synod has a group of peer supporters who are trained specifically in the care of ministry agents and congregations during emergencies and disasters.  The role of the peer is to come alongside (not take over!) give practical support, resources and linkages to disaster funds and help facilitate special ministry (such as special disaster recovery placements and community recovery projects) and connection to disaster relief funds. For more information on Peer Support, click here


Each Presbytery has at least one contact person who is designated the role of ‘disaster recovery contact person’. These people are trained annually to proactively connect with the Synod and help facilitate a coordinated response to traumatic events.


The Moderator has an ongoing appeal for disaster relief.  This is used to alleviate suffering of disaster affected people and resource the church to minister in ways that help individuals and communities recover effectively. 

Please be aware donations to the Moderator's Appeal are not tax deductible.

If you wish to receive a tax deduction you can donate to the Assembly's National Disaster Relief Fund click here.

Rev. Dr. Stephen Robinson is the Synod Disaster Recovery Coordinator. Stephen’s broader role is as the National Disaster Recovery Officer with the Uniting Church Assembly. He may be contacted at or by phoning 0412 820 848.

If you would like more information on on DRCN visit their website.

If you would like to donate online

Go to the Moderator's Appeal page to securely pay by credit card.

If you would like to give by cheque

  • To give by cheque simply mark your envelope Moderator's Appeal, PO Box A2178, Sydney South NSW 1235. Please make the cheque out to "The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of NSW and the ACT".
  • So we can allocate funds to the work of disaster recovery chaplaincy mark the back of your cheque "Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy"

If you would like to give by Direct Bank Transfer

Account Name: Moderators Appeal
BSB: 634-634
Account Number: 100044774

  • When you transfer the donation, please indicate in the reference field that you would like funds directed to the work of disaster recovery chaplaincy using the acronym "DRCN" or "Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy" so we can direct the funds accordingly.
  • Please email us at or call us on 02 8267 4382 so that we can say thank you and send a letter of thanks.

Please note that donations given to the Moderator's Appeal are not tax deductible.

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