We’re a team of volunteers with a single goal in mind; to raise funds to enable the work of the Uniting Church.

Like the stamps that we collect, our volunteers come from all different walks of life. Many enjoy working from home while others prefer to drop into the office.

We raise funds by selling stamps in bulk to stamp dealers and by keeping stock books of stamps to sell to collectors.

With a decline in the number of letters being sent, we often struggle to meet the demand for used stamps.

But you can help.  Just remove the stamps from your mail and either hand them to your local Uniting Church or send them to us at:

The Stamp Committee

 C/- Uniting Church in Australia, PO Box A2178, SYDNEY, NSW 1235

Or drop them off at:

Reception Level 2, 222 Pitt Street, SYDNEY, NSW 2000.


Grant Applications

Applications are due by 31 July 2021



Our purpose is to raise funds for the work of the Uniting Church, particularly the work of Uniting, Uniting Mission and Education and Frontier Services.

Since 1977 we have raised $714,201.

We are located on the 2nd Floor of Pilgrim House, 262 Pitt Street, Sydney, which is next to the Synod’s office. We are open for business on Tuesdays (8:30 am to 12 pm — bulk stamps and stock books) and Fridays (9 am to 11:30 am — stock books only), except for four weeks over the Christmas period.

The Stamp Committee is run by volunteers. They staff the sales outlet, trim stamps, sort stamps and sell stamps.

Many volunteers work from home, trimming and sorting stamps, which they send in by post or drop them in.

We sell used stamps (trimmed but still stuck to the backing paper) in bulk to stamp dealers and collectors. Bulk sales are priced by the gram or kilogram, depending on the availability of the particular stamp issue.

We also keep stock books of stamps (clean copies removed from paper) for sale to collectors. The off-paper stamps for collectors in the stock books are priced individually.

We sell stamps from Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, PNG, Pacific Islands, Asia, USA, Canada and other countries.


With an increasing amount of letters being sent in bulk (that is, without postage stamps) and the increasing number of people using the telephone and email to communicate, the committee often struggles to meet the demand for used stamps. You can help by removing the stamps from your mail and either handing them to your local Uniting Church (most congregations collect stamps for the Stamp Committee) or by sending them to:

    The Stamp Committee, C/- Uniting Church in Australia, PO Box A2178, SYDNEY NSW 1235.

If you are visiting Sydney, you could drop them off at:

    Reception, Level 2, 222 Pitt Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000.

You can also deliver them to the sales outlet on a Tuesday or Friday morning. You would be very welcome to come and see the committee’s operations on either of those mornings.

You may also have friends or relatives working in an office or business. You could approach them to keep envelopes with stamps on, for you to pass on to us.


Envelopes with stamps on are bulky. It is advisable to carefully tear around the stamp leaving at least one centimetre (half an inch) of surrounding paper. If you are willing, you can trim the stamp leaving about 3mm (1/8th of an inch) of paper around the stamp. If you are not in a position to trim the stamps, please forward them to us “as is” and one of our volunteers will trim them.

Please leave the stamps on the paper.

Poor quality stamps will not sell. Please discard any stamps that are:

  • torn or otherwise damaged, for example, if the surrounding perforation is not perfect
  • creased
  • heavily post marked
  • cancelled with a biro line or felt pen
  • from prepaid envelopes.

A good rule of thumb is “If the stamp is not good enough to put in my own collection, it is not good enough to sell.”

If you are interested in stamps and want to become more involved with the Stamp Committee, your assistance in sorting stamps is always welcome, either on Tuesday or Friday morning at the sales outlet or at your home, or in keeping stock books up to date (especially if you have an interest in a particular country).


If you have plenty of stamps, you may wish to do some sorting as follows:

Australian – Sort into the following groups:

  • Pre-decimal
  • $1.00
  • 70c
  • 60c
  • Christmas current year
  • Christmas past years over 40c
  • 55c
  • under 55c
  • over $1
  • any off paper
  • Please keep the definitives and commemoratives separate if at all possible. Unfortunately there is no demand for the 45c Animal definitives or 10c and under stamps.

Foreign – Sort into the following groups:

  • Great Britain
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Pacific Islands
  • Asia
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Any not shown above.



Ruth Mitchell, Business Manager/Secretary.

Mobile 0412 109 981

Clabon Allen, Chairperson.

Phone 02 9798 4663

Email uniting.stamps@gmail.com


Grant Applications

Applications are due by 31 July 2021