Australia is renowned for being a multicultural nation.

As a Church, we have always welcomed and embraced this diversity.

We believe that exposing those within the Uniting Church in Australia to interfaith experiences is part of who we are.

In November 2004, we established The Synod Committee on Relations with Other Faiths.

Our aim is to be a resource for the Uniting Church; to help educate members, and to encourage and support others to understand and embrace the importance and process of interfaith dialogue.

Mission Statement

To promote knowledge and understanding of other faiths and their communities and to advise the Synod of NSW and the ACT and its Congregations on appropriate ways to relate to them.


  1. To reflect on the theological basis and intent of inter faith dialogue and develop peer-reviewed statements and resources for use by the church and the leaders and people of other faiths;
  2. To provide information, policy and resources on relationships with people of other faiths, their structures and personnel, to the NSW Synod;
  3. To raise awareness of the presence of other faiths in the community, their particular needs, their service to the community and their place in the Australian Society;
  4. To develop resources for congregations and groups to use in the multi-faith activities, and to share experiences and learning locally and nationally;
  5. To maintain contact with people of other faiths and their leaders;
  6. To provide advice and assistance to all councils of the church as requested, and to nominate resources and people from Synod for the Assembly Committee on Relations with Other Faiths;
  7. To collaborate where possible with other groups interested in multi-faith activities and encourage their meetings and work.

Assembly Relations With Other Faiths

The Relations with Other Faiths Working Group seeks to promote knowledge and understanding of other faiths. Wherever possible, we will develop a commitment to respect and tolerance for the integrity of the beliefs of other faiths, cultures and traditions. This desire arises not only from our common humanity but also from a desire to live in peace and goodwill in our communities and the world. 

Visit their website for more information and resources on inter faith dialogue.

Interfaith and Peace-building

Further reading

Read the three-part Insights story on Relations with Other Faiths (December/January 2017 - Building Bridges of Understanding) or download the issue of the magazine.


For more information contact


Rev Dr. Manas Ghosh (Chair), Jolyon Bromley, Jim Mein, Stewart Mills (Secretary)

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