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Does Our Congregation Need to Open a Workers Compensation Policy?

All placed Ministers of the Word are covered by the Workers Compensation policy which is maintained by the Ministers Support Fund.

If your Congregation has an employee, other than an Ordained Minister, you need to hold Workers Compensation insurance. If you do not have a Workers Compensation policy you need to take this out directly with Allianz Australia.

Consult this guide to find out if your Congregation requires an additional policy. 

If you are in NSW, use the Workers Compensation Policy and Application Pack for NSW Employers and submit it to WSS or directly to Allianz. If you are based in ACT, you will need to contact WSS to obtain the relevant information to open a policy.  

Use the Workers Injury Claim Form if you have had a workplace-related injury which may result in a claim for medical costs or time away from work.  Make sure that you have informed your work supervisor beforehand.

Use the Employers Injury Claim Form if an employee has experienced or reported a work-related injury. Ensure that it is submitted within 48 hours after the time of the incident.