Spring cleaning is not always everyone’s favourite task, but we know it is an important part of keeping our homes safe and free of germs to promote our family’s wellbeing.

In the same way, we all agree that the upkeep and cleanliness of our Church premises and buildings has many important benefits. By working to keep our Church clean, we cultivate a safe, healthy, and hygienic environment for employees, volunteers, and Congregation members.

With many weekly services, activities, and events to occupy our attention, it is helpful to revisit some simple housekeeping strategies that can support our daily operations in running as smoothly as possible.

What are the benefits of efficient housekeeping?
  • Reduces the risk of hazards (e.g., slips, trips, falls)
  • Improves productivity as materials are easier to locate
  • Allows for better use of space
  • Improves morale for employees and volunteers
  • Offers better opportunities for Church facilities to be used by third party hirers, which could in turn help generate income

A recent visit to Austinmer Uniting Church revealed excellent housekeeping standards! Well done, Austinmer!

How does my congregation measure up?

Take our quick Housekeeping Checklist to find out! Give yourself a point for every item below:

 Are all walkways (including stairs and ramps) clear of boxes, cords, or other items that might cause someone to trip?
 Are all floor surfaces even and in good repair?
 Are items stored neatly?
 Are shelves, tables, and benches free of clutter and debris?
 Are all spills cleaned up immediately?
 Are all walkways clear of water, oil, or other fluids?
 Are all doorways and exit ways clear (e.g., not obstructed by boxes or other objects)?
 Is rubbish taken out regularly and disposed of properly?
 Are unused materials removed?

Do you have a cleaning schedule for employees and/or volunteers to follow?


How did you go? 

If you scored 8 or over: Well done! Your Congregation is a champion of day-to-day housekeeping. Keep up the great work.

If you scored 5-7: Good job! Your Congregation benefits from good organization and cleanliness. By implementing the rest of the checklist items, you can improve your day-to-day housekeeping even more.

If you scored 0-4: Don’t worry! By using this checklist as a reference point to get you started, your Congregation can become a housekeeping champion in no time!