About the Synod Risk Team

The Synod Risk Team has resolved to focus on partnerships with our communities to build a strong risk aware and safe culture that protects the people of our Church.

In order to accomplish this important mission, it is vital for the Risk team to partner with Presbyteries and Congregations to help create this safe and risk aware culture.

We want to listen to your stories; identify risks early on; recognise areas of great practice and opportunities for improvement. Through working together we will learn from each other and share great systems and processes.

The Risk Team understands that Church members are the experts of the day-to-day activities of their congregation, providing invaluable insight into the needs of your community. The Risk Team wants to work collaboratively to build a strong culture of risk management and safety where care for each other and protection the people and children of the Uniting Church is paramount.

Risk Bites 

Issue Fifteen: Managing Volunteers

Issue Fourteen: Be Scam Aware

Issue Thirteen: Planning a large event 

Issue Twelve: Driving someone to church

Issue Eleven: Phishing

 Issue Ten: Browsing the web safely

Issue Nine: Cyber Safety Part 2 - Protecting Accounts

Issue Eight: Keeping Cyber Safe

Issue Seven: Cash handling for congregations

Issue Six: Mental Health and the Holidays

Issue Five: Planning a bushwalk

Issue Four: Bushfire Planning

Issue Three: Housekeeping