Budgeting for property maintenance is important for Congregations with property as deferred maintenance generally leads to greater expense later.


Maintenance Plans for Heritage Buildings

An extensive Preparing a Maintenance Plan Information Sheet for Heritage Buildings outlines the importance of budgeting for property maintenance, and discusses methods for Congregations to make reasonable budget allowances in the annual Congregation budget. This resource was produced by the NSW Government Heritage Office.

Maintenance is important to the lifecycle of items, structures or place. Preventative maintenance is encouraged to assist in reducing risks.  It may also eliminate the need for major repairs. A regular maintenance  investment is much cheaper than carrying out major works.

Uniting Resources recommends that all properties have a sinking fund to help with maintenance and repairs.

One of  the core responsibility of Uniting Church Stewards is to maintain Church properties in accordance with Regulation 4.3 (Presbytery Property Committee)

An Annual Property Review is to be carried out each year in accordance with Regulations 4.4.3 & 4.4.4. Findings of this review are to be sent to Uniting Resources Property Services at the end of each year.