This information refers to general repairs and maintenance work, but excludes capital works.

Only suitably qualified trades persons who hold the relevant licenses required under legislation and who personally hold their own insurances including but not limited to, Public Liability and personal injury and accident cover should be engaged to undertake work on Property Trust assets and buildings.

The following are examples of external companies that Uniting Church Organisations may wish to consider using when they have any repairs and or maintenance that need to be carried out:

  • Grey Army 13 11 98
  • Hire a Hubby 1800 803 339
  • Your Sydney Handyman 9622 9022
  • Jim’s Building Maintenance 131 546
  • Mr Sealy 0430 382 113 (Sydney Metro Area)

Please note that:

  • The Property Trust will not take responsibility for any loss or damage to any person or property that may occur in the event of any repairs and or maintenance carried out by trades persons engaged through any of the above or other companies.
  • Uniting Church insurances do not cover these trades persons or the work undertaken by them.