This process applies to all Uniting Church organisations who are seeking to apply for funding from parties external to the Uniting Church.

External Parties include but are not limited to Federal, State and Local government bodies.

All grant applications for funding must be lodged in the name of: 

  • The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (NSW) on behalf of (Insert Uniting Church organisation name) ABN (insert organisation’s ABN) for all organisations based in NSW; or
  • The Uniting Church in Australia (Australian Capital Territory) Property Trust on behalf of (Insert Uniting Church organisation name) ABN (insert organisation’s ABN) for all organisations based in the ACT

If a Uniting Church organisation intends to apply for any form of external funding they will need to follow the process detailed below

  1. Complete a Property Services Funding Application form
  2. Send the completed Property Services form in point 1 above and a copy of your completed but un-submitted grant application to Synod Office Property Services by email:
  3. Upon receipt of the documents in point 2 above, Property Services will provide a letter confirming the Property Trust’s acknowledgement of the funding application and provide approval for the funding body to proceed with the grant application.
  4. Funding applicants must attach the Property Services acknowledgment and approval letter to their funding application prior to submitting it to the funding body.

Please note:

• Funding bodies will not accept funding applications from any Uniting Church organisation unless the Property Trust Funding approval letter is attached.

• The Funding approval letter only provides approval for the Uniting Church organisation to apply for funding.

• In situations where the purpose of the funding application is to provide funds to undertake some form of construction or repair to Property Trust property, the Uniting Church organisation will be required to also complete a Build Application Form and obtain the Property Trust’s prior permission for construction before commencing any construction.

  1. Upon approval of the funding application, please send all approval documentation to the Property Trust for execution. The approval documentation must be accompanied by a completed certificate of correctness.

Please note:

Individual Uniting Church organisations are not authorised to enter into any form of contractual arrangement in their own name, nor can they sign any form of contract on behalf of the Property Trust.

The Property Trust does not have a bank account so the funds need to be paid direct to the Uniting Church organisation. The Uniting Church organisation and not the Property Trust will be responsible and accountable for the acquittal of the funds.

The Property Trust meets every Tuesday to execute documents.

Documents need to be received by Synod Office Property Services no later than the COB on the preceding Thursday.

You can find all property applications here


**Please note that administration fees apply for document executions by The Property Trust. Please contact Property Services for further details.