Our buildings enable our Mission. Over time, they may need to be enlarged, more efficient, smaller, safer or re-purposed towards achieving our missional activities.

As they are owned by the Property Trust, decision-making about building upgrades must be made in conjunction with the Property Services Unit.

If you are considering upgrading a Uniting Church building..

Projects with a total project cost of less than $30,000 that involve buildings that are not heritage listed and do not require the use of sales proceeds or borrowings will not require approval from Uniting Resources and can be managed by the relevant church body.

For example if the building requires general repairs and maintenance such as painting, the building upgrade can be managed by the appointed Congregation committee.

The Property Services Unit must be informed by filling in the Project Proposal Form about any building upgrades.

If you are considering a moderately-sized building initiative..

Building and maintenance projects up to $1 million must have a Client Representative appointed to undertake the role of Project Manager in accordance with the Uniting Resources Process Scope of works for the project.

Many aspects of building upgrading must have professional assistance to ensure that any building changes will comply with all legislation, regulations and building codes and are aligned to the Uniting Church strategic directions.

The Property Services Unit must be informed by filling in the Project Proposal Form about any building upgrades.

  • If you are considering a large upgrade you must directly engage with the Property Services Unit from the outset by contacting the Property Team 
  • Building and maintenance projects over $1 million require a professional Project Manager appointed, contact the Property Team
  • The Uniting Resources Property Unit urges all building stewards to consult and to work with us.

You can enlist our free-of-charge professional services by completing and submitting the Project Proposal Form.


Capital Works are building works which are intended to improve the condition of an asset beyond its originally assessed standard of performance or capital value. In general work that includes upgrades, enhancements and additions to a building asset.

Building work which does not result in an improvement to the building asset. Types of maintenance work includes,

  • Preventative maintenance – to keep a building operating at an acceptable standard. This includes cleaning gutters and changing light bulbs.
  • Forecast maintenance of major capital items – to prevent the predictable failure of building infrastructure or major capital items; for example, replacing lifts due to wear and tear. These costs should be covered in the annual fees under the maintenance plan.
  • Emergency corrective maintenance – work which must happen immediately for health, safety, or security reasons. It includes repairs to avoid rapid deterioration of the structure or fabric; for example, roof repairs after storm damage, or repairing broken glass.

A fund established by the beneficial steward for the long-term maintenance of large costly or heritage-listed buildings.

A person appointed by the relevant church body to oversight and manage the works. The Client Services Representative may have the following responsibilities:

  • For projects under $1 million in value the Client Services Representative may act as the project manager;
  • For projects over $1 million dollars in value the Client Services Representative will act as the main point of contact between the church and the Professional Project Manager engaged on the project;
  • The Client Services Representative must not hold any other position either within the church or external to the church which has an influence on the approval of the works or the awarding of contracts.