Claim Process

We have a duty of disclosure to our insurers to declare any material change in risk which may increase the insurer's exposure. Failure to notify insurers of any known increase in risk may result in coverage being denied or withdrawn.

For this reason, the beneficial steward of the asset is required to submit a Fire Impairment Notice to insurers whenever fire protection or detection systems are down for a period of time, including when down for scheduled maintenance.

The current Fire Impairment Notice is available on the Forms and Applications page. 

Prior to work being undertaken: Page 1 of the form must be completed in accordance with the instructions on the form and emailed to those nominated on the form. 

Post Impairment:  Page 2 of the form must be completed when the fire protection or detection system is fully restored to working order and emailed to those nominated on the form.

The Synod has a responsibility to provide our insurers with current valuations for any property owned by the Property Trust.   These values will often differ from real estate market values as property valuations focus on the cost to “reinstate” the property to the same standard it was prior to the claimable event.

It is the responsibility of the beneficial custodian to ensure that current and accurate valuations are provided.  To assist the beneficial custodians, the Synod engages individuals and companies from an approved panel of professionally licenced valuers.

For further information please contact the Risk and Compliance Team.