Claim Process

Final things to be aware of

  • Only vehicles registered in the name of the Property Trusts are covered under the Synod’s motor fleet arrangements.
  • If someone else involved in the accident contacts you about a claim, or for information, refer the person to Proclaim on 1300 776 252.
  • If you receive a writ or summons, or anything else from a legal firm, please forward it to Proclaim immediately.


  1. Proclaim will assist you in submitting your claim.

  2. Exchange details with the other parties involved making sure all details have been recorded e.g. name, registration, address, licence number, insurance details.

  3. Do not admit liability to the other party, leave liability to be determined.

  4. Take photos of damage to your own and the other party's vehicle or of any relevant causes of the damage (e.g. signposts, potholes, trees etc).

  5. Note the time and location (suburb and street details or street directory reference) of the accident.

  6. Establish if your vehicle is safe to drive.

  7. Towing options (if required):

• Click this link to key in your postcode to access a suggested tow truck company.

• Or telephone Proclaim 1300 776 252 to suggest a Tow Truck company.

• Or telephone Proclaim 1300 776 252 to call a Tow Truck Company to arrange the Tow Truck Company to call you to arrange pickup location.

  1. Complete a UCA NSW [motor claim form] and email it to

  2. Telephone Proclaim 1300 776 252 as soon as possible after the accident (note hours of operation are 08:30 – 17:30).

Have the following details ready:

• Your name, vehicle registration and contact details.

• Other party details – as per point 2.

• Time and location of incident – be as specific as possible.

• Brief version of events – How the incident occurred.

• Witness details or police details if applicable.

• Breath or blood test results if applicable.

• Details of any injuries to either party.

• Brief description of damages to both vehicles.

• Whether towing is required.

  1. You will be provided with a claim number at the conclusion of the call. Please note the number down as you will need to record it for future correspondence and communication.

  2. If vehicle is drivable – return vehicle to the nearest worksite.

    • Complete the Driver Acknowledgment incident report and fax to Proclaim with a copy of the driver’s licence and any photos (if applicable).

    • Await contact from Proclaim for repair and replacement vehicle arrangements (if applicable).
  1. If the vehicle is not drivable/unsafe to drive?

    • Follow the Section 7 procedure – call Proclaim if required.

    • Call taxi or arrange alternate transport and keep the receipt for reimbursement.

    • Complete the Driver Acknowledgment report and fax to Proclaim with a copy of the driver licence and any photos (if applicable).

    • Await contact from Proclaim for repair arrangement and replacement vehicle (if applicable).
  1. Outside business hours (17:30- 08:30 – Monday to Friday).

    • Driveable? – Collect all details as per above points 6.

    • Contact Proclaim on 1300 776 252 in an emergency or Call Proclaim the next business day to advise details as per point 9.

    • Complete the Driver Acknowledgement incident report and fax to Proclaim.

    • Non Driveable? – follow Section 7 procedure (if required).

    • Contact Proclaim 1300 776 252 next business day to lodge claim and will organize courtesy vehicle if applicable.

    • Complete the Driver Acknowledgment incident report and fax to Proclaim. 


  • Notify a claim by telephone to Proclaim on 1300 776 252 as soon as possible.

  • Provide as much information when lodging the claim over the phone.

  • If the windscreen damage is minor return to worksite as soon as practicable.

  • Telephone Proclaim on 1300 776 252 to arrange windscreen repair.

  • Proclaim will contact O’Brien Glass to organise replacement or repair. For major windscreen damage a roadside service is often available.

All traffic infringements such as speeding, parking or red-light camera offences are the responsibility of the driver to which the individual Synod entity has allocated the vehicle at the time of the infringement.

Each Synod entity is responsible for ensuring that drivers of its vehicles are fully aware of their obligations with regard to penalties and for monitoring compliance with declaration and payment obligations. Traffic infringement notifications will normally be sent to the address of the relevant Customer Registration Number (CRN) of Roads Maritime Services (RMS).

For camera detected infringements, the Roads Maritime Services (RMS) requires to be notified by statutory declaration of the driver in charge of the vehicle at the time the infringement occurred. This is to enable the RMS to attribute responsibility for demerit points and associated penalties to the person in charge of the vehicle at that time.

If the Property Trust fails to nominate the driver responsible for the offence, the courts can issue fines of up to $11,000 which would be paid by the responsible entity.