Important UCA Insurance Information Sheet - Understanding our insurance rights and obligations.

Fire Impairment Notice To inform insurers whenever fire protection or detection systems are down for a period of time, including scheduled maintenance.

Hirer’s Public Liability Application -To be used for arranging public liability insurance for members of the public wishing to hire Synod owned halls, land or other buildings for casual/single events.

Motor Vehicle Procurement and Disposal Guidelines – takes you through the steps to ensure that all motor vehicles purchased as Church assets are registered and insured in the name of the relevant Property Trust.

Motor Vehicle Procurement and Disposal Form – complete and submit this form when purchasing or disposing of any vehicles owned in the name of the Property Trust.

Glove Box Guide - Explains what to do in the event of a motor claim.

Motor Claim Form To be used to file a motor claim.

Property Change Application Form - To be used when assets or property conditions change. 

Travel Claim Form - To be used to file a travel claim.

Property (Industrial Special Risks Building and Contents) Claim Form - To claim lost or damaged goods

Student Personal Accident Claim Form – To be completed in the event of injury to a student whilst participating in school authorised activities. 

Volunteer Personal Accident Claim FormTo be completed in the event of injury to a volunteer whilst engaged in activities authorised and approved by UCA.

Incident Report FormTo be used to record incidents that occur which may (or may not) later become the subject of an insurance claim. The incident report form is useful as a congregational record of an incident to be completed and kept on record within the congregation. Where a Congregation believes an incident may become a claim, you should forward the completed notification to the Synod Insurance team.