Day-to-day insurance advice is offered on this page. Should you require further information contact a member of the insurance team.

It is the responsibility of the insurance team of Uniting Resources to arrange and maintain cover for the Synod and its various boards, entities and Congregations. Upon request, the insurance team will provide evidence of insurance through a ‘certificates of currency’. 

Public Liability insurance covers the legal costs and damages arising from negligent actions of the church resulting in loss or damage to third party property and/or injury to third party persons.

Yes it is prudent practice for Congregations to request a ‘certificate of currency’ of public liability insurance before engaging the services of any tradesman or contractor. The insurance team of Uniting Resources can guide and assist you through this process.

Annual insurance charges are calculated according to a methodology which has been approved by the Audit & Risk Committee of the Uniting Resources board. The premium calculation applies insurance industry best practice and takes into account a range of factors such as the claims history of each insured entity.

The Synod holds various insurance policies to support and protect the activities of the Church and its entities. These policies are renewed annually on 31 October. The exception to this is the Student Travel policy, which renews on 15 December.

No, there is no requirement to display certificates of insurance at your premises. Insurance policies are commercially sensitive contracts and are never provided to third parties. From time to time Congregations may be asked to provide ‘certificates of currency’ for the Synod’s own public liability insurance and these can be requested from the Insurance Services team.  

No. Only Congregations and activities of the church are covered under the Synod’s public liability insurance. Hirer’s must provide evidence of their own public liability insurance to support their application for hire. The Synod can arrange separate public liability cover for private individuals wishing to hire church land or property.

Insurance premiums can be paid by the following methods

By Electronic Funds transfer to the following account

  • Account Name: Insurance Fund
  • BSB: 634 635
  • Account: 100009696

and emailing a copy of your remittance advice with invoice number to

By Cheque:

Payable to Insurance Fund and posted to Risk & Insurance Services, Uniting Resources, PO Box A2178, SYDNEY SOUTH, NSW 1235  

Only motor vehicles registered in the name of the Property Trusts can be insured by the Synod.  Further information is available from here. 

Any changes to motor vehicles registered in the name of the Property Trusts should be immediately notified in writing to

Due to its commercially sensitive content we do not attach a copy of the Insurance Manual on this website, however a copy is available to Congregations upon request.  

The Synod must provide insurers with up-to-date valuations of the buildings, contents and revenue which are required to be insured. Contrary to popular belief, real estate market valuations are not appropriate for insurance purposes as they are largely based upon the value of land which is not insurable. Instead insurers require reinstatement and replacement values.  

The insurance team can advise you on obtaining professional insurance valuations.