On this page you will find all the answers in regards to insurance and why the church needs it to function, grow and remain within the law. Should you require further information contact a member of the insurance team.

Insurance is necessary in order to protect the assets of the church and avoid certain legal liabilities. Insurance helps the church to function and grow. 

The Synod maintains a comprehensive insurance program that covers not only physical assets (such as buildings and contents), cash and revenue but also the potential legal liabilities which could arise from the activities of the church. Such arrangements consist of various insurance policies approved by the Audit & Risk Committee of the Uniting Resources board. 

In summary no. The reason being is that all property assets of the church are legally owned by the Property Trusts of the Synod of NSW and the ACT and therefore not owned by the individual Presbyteries or Congregations.

As the beneficial steward (or user) of Property Trust assets, each Congregation or entity is responsible for paying its own insurance premium. 

Volunteers who undertake authorised and approved activities of the church are covered under the Synod’s public liability and personal accident insurance. Please note that there is a distinction between volunteers and participants which is further described in the Volunteer Agreement.

Annual insurance charges are calculated according to a methodology which has been approved by the Audit & Risk Committee of the Uniting Resources board. The premium calculation applies insurance industry best practice and takes into account a range of factors such as the claims history of each insured entity.

The Audit & Risk Committee of the Uniting Resources board decides what insurance cover to purchase and maintain based on the advice and recommendation of the Synod Risk & Insurance Manager.