The Uniting Church is committed to living God’s love and acting for the common good to build a just and compassionate community. As we live out this mission following the example of Christ, we recognise the vital contribution of our volunteers.  

Our volunteers serve in a wide variety of Synod entities and services as they partner with us to be God’s ‘hands and feet’. Our volunteers enhance our ability to meet the needs of the people and communities we serve. 

The following policies and procedures have been developed to assist Synod entities to manage and care for their volunteers well. 

For Congregations 

Congregations should adopt the following policy, procedures and support materials; 

Congregation Volunteer Policy and Procedures

For quick access to the supporting materials in the document; 

All other Synod entities should adopt and adapt the Synod Volunteer Policy. Entities may wish to adopt the Volunteer Manual as a resource for induction of volunteers, or use the sample Code of Conduct. 

Be sure to also check out our Risk Bite about managing volunteers, which can be found here.