Registering and Reporting

The Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC) is the independent national regulator of charities. It was established under an Act of Parliament and it “maintains, protects and enhances public trust and confidence in the sector through increased accountability and transparency, supports and sustains a robust, vibrant, independent and innovative not-for-profit sector and promotes the reduction of unnecessary regulatory obligations on the sector”.

Registering With ACNC

It is mandatory for all charities to register and to submit an Annual Information Statement.

Different types of organisations need to comply with different requirements. Our Policies and Procedures outlines how to apply to register and report for all organisations within the bounds of the Synod. 

We have prepared checklists to assist organisations to register and submit.

ACNC Annual Information Statement Information

For all information, resources and forms associated with submitting your Annual Infomation Statement, visit the Policies and Procedures page.

Additional information about the ACNC can be accessed from the ACNC website here.