Playing by the Rules at Work

Employment legislation sets out the employment rights and obligations of employers and employees.

The Synod of NSW and ACT is comprised of multiple unincorporated associations which are not legal entities in their own right. 

Depending upon the constitution and/or by-laws of the organisation, the members of the relevant Board, Management Committee or the Church Council of that organisation are legally defined as the employer.

As employers the members of the governing body must comply with prevailing employment legislation at all times.

Employing entities within the bounds of the Synod, regardless of whether they are incorporated or not are required to comply with the Fairwork Act 2009 and the modern award regime. These entities are also within the federal industrial jurisdiction effective from 1 January 2010.

If any employers within the bounds of the Synod have any queries please contact the Synod People and Culture team for guidance and assistance.


National Employment Standards & the Modern Award Regime

The National Employment Standards (“NES”) affects all employers regardless of their status as a constitutional or a non-constitutional corporation.

Further information on the National Employment Standards can be accessed from here.

Modern Awards can be accessed from here.


The ACT Long Service Leave Scheme

In 2009 the Australian Capital Territory Government passed new legislation to create a Portable Long Service Leave Scheme for the community sector.  The scheme impacts all community service sector workplaces in the ACT. Essentially, all community service sector employers are required to pay a levy of 1.67% of ordinary wages to the Scheme to cover the cost of long service leave entitlements. 

It is imperative that all ACT community service sector employers are aware of their legislated obligations.

Access to further information and contact details of the ACT Long Service Leave Authority is available here.