The purpose of study leave is to provide an opportunity for continuing education for Ministry through established programs of study, or in study opportunities planned by the Minister.

  1. Two weeks per annum for a full-time placement.
  2. Pro-rated for part-time placement.
  1. It is normally maintained by the appointing body.
  2. If the payroll is managed by Synod they will also keep track of the available balance.
  1. Complete and submit the Ministers Leave Form.
  2. Submit to your appointing body for approval and processing.
  3. Study leave is encouraged to be taken in blocks (not as separate individual days).

As normal.

No, additional days are allowed where any public holiday/s falls in a period of study leave.

Arrangements are between the appointing body and Minister as to any supply arrangements.

In exceptional circumstances only with the agreement and approval of the body responsible for payment of the Minister’s stipend during leave.

  1. With the agreement of the appointing body the Minister may accumulate up to five years of study leave.
  2. Any proposal to accrue three or more years requires the approval of the appointing body and permission PRC of the Presbytery.
  1. Study leave shall not normally be accumulated beyond the third year before the known date of retirement of a Minister.
  2. Any unused study leave is forgone.