The purpose of maternity leave is to provide an opportunity for a female Minister to prepare for the birth and care for the child during the initial months following the birth.

Female ministers are eligible for as they prepare for a period of up to 52 weeks at the time of the birth of a child.

Ministers are not employees. They are not covered by the National Employment Standards (NES) or Fair Work Australia (FWA). Parental leave is an entitlement granted to employees.

Complete and submit the Ministers Leave Form.

They will need to attach supporting letters from treating doctors.

  1. Payment of full stipend for the first 13 weeks, payment of half stipend the next 13 weeks, and no stipend for the remaining 26 weeks
  2. Provision of a vehicle, or payment of the Standing Costs for the full period of leave however no entitlement to travel (mileage) costs
  3. The Minister will receive the housing allowance, or remain in the manse for the full period of leave
  4. No entitlement to the Resource Allowance
  5. All support fund (MSF) and Benefund/Superannuation contributions to be made on the Minister’s behalf for the paid period of leave. If the Minister chooses to keep up their contributions for the remainder of the unpaid leave period they may do so themselves.

It is the appointing bodies responsibility to arrange supply in conjunction with their Minister and Presbytery.

Yes, to assist with the costs of supply whilst the Minister is on maternity leave.

In accordance with the By-Laws, payment for Supply Ministry during the first 26 weeks of paid leave (13 weeks full payment/13 weeks half payment), will be met by Synod at a rate not greater than the minimum stipend component plus travel at the supply ministry rates.

Please note, an application may be made to Synod for additional financial assistance if this places the congregation under great hardship for this period. Please contact the Synod’s HR Manager for more information.

This is a matter for the Minister to discuss with Centrelink to ensure their entitlement.

Under the By-Laws, no it only applies to female Ministers who give birth to a child.

Yes, on the paid component of leave.