The purpose of long leave is to refresh Ministers after extended service.

Long leave for Ministers is the equivalent of Long Service Leave for employees. It applies to all ordained Ministers for whom the Ministers Support Fund (MSF) contribution is being made for.

  1. On a percentage of placement basis. For a full time placement it is accrued at two months (8.666 weeks) for the first ten years and one month (4.333 weeks) for every 5 years thereafter.
  2. One years’ service is added for those who have completed the 3 years of theological training at UTC.
  3. A Minister in a part-time placement is able to make up the difference to 100% of the MSF contribution if they choose to.
  4. A minister not in placement is able to make the MSF contribution on their own behalf and maintain their long leave accrual if they wish to.

Contact Synod HR on 82674321 or by email at

Complete and submit a Ministers leave form.

As normal except for the travel (mileage) component. 

  1. The appointing body will be reimbursed for the stipend component of the long leave.
  2. This is triggered by the application for long leave form sent to Synod HR.
  3. The reimbursement is processed just prior to the Minister commencing their leave.
  1. Supply arrangements are organised between the appointing body and Presbytery.
  2. The reimbursement of the stipend component can be used to assist with the costs of supply if the appointing body wishes to do so.

Normally one week is the minimum.

Yes, no additional day/s are added.

Yes by contacting Synod HR to arrange payment.

  1. Unlike annual and study leave, long leave is portable between both placements and Synods.
  2. The records are maintained by Synod Finance and communicated to other Synods when Ministers move inter-Synod.

The long leave balance is paid out to the Minister on retirement, for which there are a number of options available and can be discussed with Synod HR.