The purpose of annual leave is to refresh Ministers.

  1. 30 days per annum for each year of service (inclusive of Saturdays and Sundays) for a minister in full-time placement.
  2. Pro-rated for part-time placements.

Whilst we recognise there are no set hours for full time placement (such as an employee on a 38 hr week), a methodology is required to enable leave accruals to be calculated and depleted accordingly.

  1. The leave accrual and depletion is aligned to the 14 unit principle, as outlined in the Remuneration in Specified Ministries Guidelines.
  2. The monthly accrual for annual leave in a full time placement is 2.5 days per calendar month.

If the Payroll is managed by Synod contact the Synod Payroll Bureau Service.

If the Payroll is managed by the appointing body it is their responsibility to manage annual leave entitlements.

Complete and submit the Ministers Annual Leave Form.

Submit to your appointing body for processing by them if they manage the Payroll, or to be approved and then passed on to Synod Payroll otherwise.

They are paid as normal.

No, additional days are allowed where any public holiday/s falls in a period of annual leave.

Arrangements are between the appointing body and Minister as to any supply arrangements.

No. Annual leave not used in placement is lost. There is no obligation on behalf of the appointing body to pay out any balance or to allow the minister to take leave before finishing their placement.

As above.