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We are here to provide advice and support to Congregations and Presbyteries in NSW and the ACT on all aspects of Ordained Minister Entitlements. 

Please note the terms “Congregation”, and the “Appointing Body” are at times used interchangeably to refer to the Minister.

We work closely with our Ministers and appointed church officers such as Treasurers, Church Council Members and Chairs. 

Our service and advice is based on the The Uniting Church in Australia Regulations and the Uniting Church NSW and ACT Synod By-Laws, as well as other relevant policies and processes.

We answer all queries on all aspects of ministerial entitlements.

Our Human Resources (HR) Manager provides advice and operational support to the Executive Directors, management and staff of Uniting Resources (UR), Secretariat, Uniting Mission and Education (UME) and Uniting Financial Services (UFS), as well as the National Assembly.

Contact Michelle Parsons during business hours on (02) 8267 4378 or email

Industrial Relations and Employment

Our Industrial Relations and Employment Manager advises and assists all other employing entities within the Synod (excepting those outlined above), to ensure that they meet their employment-related legal responsibilities and obligations.

Contact Michelle Parsons during business hours on (02) 8267 4378 or email


Our Payroll Bureau Service (PBS) is a no cost service for our Congregations to pay their Ministers and other employees working for them. The PBS covers Minister’s entitlements as outlined in the Uniting Church NSW and ACT Synod By-Laws and the Guidelines for the Remuneration in Specified Ministries.  

All Congregations are invited to take advantage of the Payroll Bureau Service. Please contact them during business hours on (02) 8267 4369 or email us.