Ministers Support Fund primarily covers the cost of long leave, workers compensation insurance and reimbursement for sick leave.

All Congregations which have a placed Minister are required to pay a levy per month, as well as the Congregation’s contribution to the Beneficiary Fund.

All Ministers are required to make a personal contribution to the Beneficiary Fund from their after tax income.

When long leave is taken, it is funded through the Ministers Support Fund, and is paid by Synod.

Any stipends paid by the Congregation to Ministers and Accredited Youth Workers while on long leave can be recovered from the Synod.


Direct Debits

Treasurers are able to streamline their administration procedures regarding the Ministers Support Fund and the Beneficiary Fund by utilising Uniting Resources as an approved Direct Debit User. This means that Congregations, individuals and other church bodies can now enter into a Direct Debit agreement directly with Uniting Resources instead of Uniting Financial Services, which has been previously administering this process.

The benefit of this change is that the Financial Management Support (FMS) team is the single point of contact for creation, amendment, or cancellation of Ministers Support Fund and/or Beneficiary Fund Direct Debit requests as well as resolution of any issues.

If you would like to pay the Ministers Support Fund levy and Beneficiary Fund contributions on behalf of eligible ministers via Direct Debit, please fill in the Direct Debit form and send it back to the following address:


Ministers Support Fund

PO Box A2178

Sydney South

NSW 1235.


When completing the Direct Debit form, please write “as required by Synod” in the Amount field instead of nominating a specific dollar amount.

Any future changes to the Support Fund levy and/or Beneficiary Fund contribution i.e. proposed annually by the Synod Standing Committee, (see below updated Stipend Summary sheet) or individual changes to allocation rates of Ministers, can then be reflected automatically at the time of notification.

Please also include Minister’s name or reference number on the form.

Please note: Congregations using FMS’s Payroll Bureau Service are to disregard the information as their Ministers Support Fund levy and/or Beneficiary Fund contributions payments are made on their behalf by FMS Payroll.

For any enquiries, please email