The Role of the Treasurer

The role of Treasurer is a key role relating to the Finance Committee, the Church Council and the members of the Church entity.

The Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the Uniting Church organisation's financial accounts.
  • Ensuring that the finances of all activities of the congregation are included in the books of account of the congregation.
  • Providing the Church Council, Board or Committee with financial reports, including preparation of an annual financial budget.
  • Liaising with other organisations within the Synod.
  • Ensuring wages/salaries and stipends are paid correctly.
  • Ensuring that all ATO and ACNC obligations are met.
  • Managing the funds of the congregation in accordance with the policy set by the Synod of NSW and the ACT By-Laws and in accordance with Uniting Church in Australia Constitution and Regulations.
  • Arranging the depositing and investing of offerings and other receipts.
  • Managing the cash flow and budget to ensure funds are available for expenses when required.
  • Ensuring ALL financial accounts of the Uniting Church entities are audited.
  • Providing analysis of the financial accounts which ensures that the Church Council, Board or Committee is aware of the impact of financial decisions.
  • Ensuring that Working with Children Clearances are completed when required.

The Role of the Finance Committee

Congregations elect Church Council members. Church Council members elect persons to responsible roles. Financial Committee members support the Treasurer to protect and preserve the organisation’s financial position.

Some Church Councils may elect to only have a Treasurer and others may elect to appoint a Finance Committee as well as a Treasurer based on the complexity of income and expenses and size of the funds held by the church entity

The Finance Committee carries out responsibilities as directed by the Church Council, reports back to the Church Council, liaise and work in conjunction with the Treasurer and employees holding roles of financially responsibility.

Uniting Financial Services (UFS)

All Congregation and Presbytery financial matters must be transacted by UFS.

Uniting Financial Services is not a corporatised financial services company or a bank.

It’s a religious charitable organisation made up of two Uniting Church entities: The Uniting Church (NSW) Trust Association Limited and The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (NSW) to form and provide Treasury and Investment Services.

It is the treasury arm of the Uniting Church Synod of NSW and the ACT.

They provide professional financial products and services to Uniting Church organisations and individuals including;

  • Cheque and savings accounts,
  • Fixed term investments,
  • Self Help Scheme products,
  • Loans to congregations and presbyteries,
  • Online banking, and
  • BPAY.

Detailed information about these products and services or any other general enquiry can be obtained by contacting Uniting Financial Services.