June 2021 

Future Directions: Planting a new school and congregation


On the recommendation of the Synod Standing Committee and with the support of Parramatta Nepean Presbytery, the Synod will:

  1. Resolve to establish a school in a new growth area in Western Sydney
  2. Support Parramatta-Nepean Presbytery to develop a vibrant new congregation in partnership with a school
  3. Delegate responsibility for oversight of the project to the Synod Standing

Synod Advocacy Report


The 39th Synod:

  1. Receive the Synod Advocacy Report and note the ongoing advocacy in Drug Law Reform, Climate Change and Aged Care
  2. In response to Extended care for young people in care:
    • Endorses the Homestretch campaign to increase the age of foster care support from 18 to 21;
    • Acknowledges that young people in out of home care deserve more support to the age of 21, through new innovations such as including a youth development coach from age 15 like that provided by the Uniting NSW.ACT Extended Care program;
    • Endorses advocacy to government by Uniting NSW.ACT to seek to secure such supports for young people in New South Wales; and 
    • Encourages and facilitates members and councils of the church to participate in such advocacy, including through Uniting Church congregations with young people in their areas in out of home care. 

Voluntary Assisted Dying

Presbytery Reports


The Synod note the following Presbytery reports:


Board Reports


The Synod note the following Board reports and Statements of Missional Intent: