The Ministry Handbook is provided as a guide and reference for matters relating to placements and entitlements for those in ministry within the Synod.

The Secretariat is responsible for coordinating and offers support for Marriage Celebrant Registrations and obtaining a Working With Children Clearance, as well as a list of Professional Supervisors and information regarding Minister's Retirement.

Key Contacts for matters related to ordained Ministers on the Ministry Matters Contact List.


The Secretariat is committed to providing the wider church with notices of the death of Uniting Church ministers, members of ministers’ immediate families and lay people who have been significant to the life of the church within the NSW Synod.

We try to include funeral details where possible so people can attend. If you would find it helpful, there is a template that you can fill in to send along to the Secretariat with the pastoral note details. You can find it here.

Contact the Secretariat during business hours on 8267 4323 or

The Uniting Church Marriage Service Notes are available from the National Assembly website.

The Uniting Church in Australia is able to propose the names of suitably equipped lay people to be authorised to celebrate marriages according to the rites of the Uniting Church in communities where an Ordained Minister is not normally available.

The Nominating Authority in each state (the General Secretary in the Synod of NSW and the ACT) proposes people to be Lay Marriage Celebrants.


If you are an Ordained Minister and wish to become a Marriage Celebrant

Fill out sections 2 and 3 of a Nomination of Minister of Religion form

Fill out an Additional Information Form

Return both forms to  the Secretariat.


If you are a Lay Minister and wish to become a Marriage Celebrant

Refer to the Guidelines for Proposing Lay Marriage Celebrants

If you are a Marriage Celebrant and your address or contact details change you must inform the Secretariat.

Send all forms and enquiries to the Secretariat

Professional supervision is defined in the Code of Ethics and Ministry Practice (3.9(c)) as a relationship with a supervisor to assist in enhancing the quality of ministry by enabling the minister to maintain the boundaries of the pastoral relationship, and to intentionally reflect on their ministry practice and context.

As part of their self-care, ministers have a responsibility to ensure they receive regular professional supervision. (3.8(b) and 3.9(c)(d)). It is also a requirement of the Code of Ethics and Ministry Practice (COEMP) that all those in active ministry meet regularly with a Professional Supervisor. The appointing body generally meets the cost of professional Supervision for ordained ministers up to an amount determined by the SGOC (currently $850pa.) The purpose of Professional Supervision is to ensure that each ministry practitioner maintains high ethical standards, reflects on the quality of their ministry, and engages in ongoing formation and education.


Download The Assembly document, Professional Supervision: a process of reflection on ministry experience.

Download the List of Supervisors 2022

The Ministry Handbook provides further information regarding professional supervision.

The following form is for Ministers/Presbyteries and Church Councils to update their contact details:

All Uniting Church organisations within the bounds of the Synod must undertake background checks on both existing and prospective paid and unpaid workers in accordance with prevailing legislation and Synod requirements.

Our Background Check Policies and Procedures covers Working with Children Checks, Vulnerable Person Checks, Criminal Record Checks and Entitlement to Work in Australia Checks.

According to the prevailing legislation, background checks are mandatory in certain circumstances.

Annexure A (A Guide to Obtaining a NSW Working with Children Clearance)

Annexure B (A Guide to Obtaining an ACT Working with Vulnerable Persons Clearance)

When a Minister retires the Synod aims to ease transition.

Ministers must first notify their Congregation or appointing body in writing of their intention to retire. The appointing body must then inform the Synod Standing Committee on 8267 4329 or

The Synod Secretariat will initiate a letter to the Minister advising of their entitlements on retirement, and the various processes that need to be dealt with including;

  • Provision of Relocation Assistance covering all or part of their removal costs to their place of retirement (one move).
  • Finalisation of their Beneficiary Fund membership
  • Management of any outstanding long leave balance
  • Finalisation of any Housing or Car Loans obtained via Uniting Financial Services
  • Provision of new contact details for the Synod Directory for retired Ministers

For further information on matters relating to retirement please contact the Secretariat on 02 8267 4323 or


For further information on matter relating to the finalisation of any Home Endowment Fund loans and any entitlements owing please contact Assembly on 02 8267 4428