The Uniting Church Marriage Service Notes are available from the National Assembly website.

The Uniting Church in Australia is able to propose the names of suitably equipped lay people to be authorised to celebrate marriages according to the rites of the Uniting Church in communities where an Ordained Minister is not normally available.

The Nominating Authority in each state (the General Secretary in the Synod of NSW and the ACT) proposes people to be Lay Marriage Celebrants.


If you are an Ordained Minister and wish to become a Marriage Celebrant

Fill out sections 2 and 3 of a Nomination of Minister of Religion form

Fill out an Additional Information Form

Return both forms to  the Secretariat.


If you are a Lay Minister and wish to become a Marriage Celebrant

Refer to the Guidelines for Proposing Lay Marriage Celebrants

If you are a Marriage Celebrant and your address or contact details change you must inform the Secretariat.

Send all forms and enquiries to the Secretariat