SRE Curriculum

The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of NSW and the ACT encourages  its members with suitable gifts and skills to be involved in Special Religious Education for the benefit of local school communities.

The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of NSW and the ACT is a Department of Education & Communities Approved Provider of Special Religious Education and a member of The Inter-Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools (ICCOREIS) (NSW).

Modes of delivery

Members of Uniting Churches in NSW are involved in the delivery of SRE in partnership with other Churches committed to the same involvement. This is known as joint denominational SRE.   The Uniting Church in partnership with the leadership of other Churches jointly authorise approved, trained volunteers. The Uniting Church in NSW also authorises approved, trained volunteers  to teach ‘Uniting Church’ SRE classes, where such an option is requested.

Recommended curricula

Across the state, geographic and demographic issues impact on the choice of a curriculum.  The decision on which curriculum to use is left up to the local clergy or authorising agents often in partnership with other local providers delivering SRE.  The Uniting Church in NSW&ACT approves for use in the SRE program the following curricula:

  • Godly Play – A number of Uniting Church SRE classes use Godly Play curriculum and are taught by appropriately Certified Godly Play storytellers.  All lesson outlines and stories are available by request in Schools where Godly Play is part of SRE. For further local information, please see:
    * Godly Play SRE syllabus overview (1-year cycle)

For High School SRE, there are additional training requirements for paid teachers who take on responsibilities in schools beyond classroom SRE teaching. The curricula authorised for use are:

  1. Bible Explored – Shoalhaven Employers of Christian Education Teachers (SECET)
  2. ChristianSRE high school curriculum
  3. Youthworks “Think Faith” curriculum

Other sites of assistance in understanding curriculum issues are

Parents and caregivers are very welcome to view the curriculum that their child is taught by consulting the school’s SRE Co-ordinator or their local church leader.