Reportable Conduct

The protection of children and young people is the responsibility of everyone who is employed or engaged by the Uniting Church in Australia NSW ACT Synod to provide services, including its staff, officers, ministers, religious leaders, contractors and volunteers. We all share responsibility for promoting the wellbeing and safety of children, and we will do whatever is in our power to safeguard children from all forms of abuse.

Both NSW and ACT have reportable conduct schemes which are legislated under the Children’s Guardian Act 2019 (NSW) and the Ombudsman Act 1989 (ACT).

Employers must report allegations, offences or convictions relating to child-related misconduct by ‘employees’ of the Uniting Church.

Misconduct may be of a sexual, physical or psychological nature. All allegations of reportable conduct will be investigated and reports on the investigation made to the Ombudsman in the ACT or to the Office of the Children’s Guardian in NSW.

When considering making a report see our Guideline for Reportable Conduct NSW and Guideline for Reportable Conduct ACT for more information as the legislation and definitions differ between NSW and the ACT.

In NSW anyone required to hold a Working with Children Check falls under the definition of ‘employee’, while in the ACT an ‘employee’ is a minister of religion, religious leader or an officer of the religious body, a person engaged under a contract of employment or a person engaged to provide services other than under a contract of employment. You don’t need to be paid to be considered an ‘employee’.

The Reportable conduct guidelines for NSW and the ACT outline all the background information required to make a report under the Reportable Conduct Scheme for your state or territory. All reports must be made to the General Secretary, NSW ACT Synod, as soon as possible but the maximum timeframe is 7 days in NSW and 30 days in the ACT.

Anyone who becomes concerned about any behaviour by an ‘employee’ of the Uniting Church as described in the guidelines for NSW and the ACT must make a report.

See our Guideline for Reportable Conduct NSW and Guideline for Reportable Conduct ACT for more information.

A report can be made using the link below at ‘make a reportable conduct claim’ or via a downloadable version and emailed to

To make a Reportable Conduct Report please complete the online form here or via a downloadable version and emailed to

Methods of Contact

Email marked Reportable Conduct to:

In writing addressed to the General Secretary marked Private and Confidential:
Uniting Church in Australia
PO Box A2178, Sydney South NSW 1235
By phone to the General Secretary advising you wish to report an allegation of reportable conduct:
(02) 8267 4300

If you have information of a reportable allegation involving the General Secretary you may notify the Moderator:
(02) 8267 4300