Are you a bit tired of viral cat videos, people sharing their shiny photoshopped lives on Instagram and people venting their spleen about, well, everything on social media?

In an age of echo chambers and people throwing virtual rocks at one another online, Hold That Thought wants you to stop, pause and for about 90 seconds listen to what Jesus has to offer you in your everyday life.

Above all, Hold That Thought seeks to start honest conversations about a range of everyday topics about how it’s possible to have a conversation about spirituality without all the baggage.

Are you in? Then Hold That Thought is your weekly go-to for inspiration and thought provoking ways to connect faith to the everyday.

Each short film is designed to be a conversation starter. You can even suggest topics you would like covered in the future.

Above all, get sharing and join the conversation.

Anyone can share the posts from the Hold That Thought Facebook page, Instagram page or download the videos from our Vimeo Channel.