Your contribution helps grow the future direction of the Uniting Church.

Seeds of Growth is the way every Congregation helps support mission opportunities that breathe new life into our communities and bring God's love to the world.

Seeds Of Growth Stewardship Contribution assists the whole Church  to become a contemoporary, couageous and growing church through the Future Directions Synod Resourcing Framework.

Future Directions for the People of God on the Way is a long term strategy that renews our commitments to:

  • Rural and remote ministry across the Synod
  • Ministry with people in the first third of their lives
  • Walking Together with First Peoples and to Covenant with Congress
  • An ongoing and active commitment to the stewardship of the earth; and
  • To working with Presbyteries to organise ourselves to promote growth within and through our congregations.

Your questions answered

Future Directions for the People of God on the Way, was a long term strategy that was approved by Presbytery representatives and members at the meeting of the 2021 Synod. You can find out more information about the strategy and its' Resourcing Framework here.

New materials are being prepared and will be available shortly that assist Churches to undertsand more fully how the Seeds of Growth stewardship contribution helps our Synod to become a contemporary, courageous and growing Church.

We suggest you contact your local Presbytery representative to work with them on your Seeds of Growth stewardship contribution.

Good stewardship is everyone’s responsibility. As followers of Christ we are reminded that all things including life itself are a gift from God. When getting our ‘house’ in order and considering our ‘household’ budget, we are called to be responsible stewards and recognise the needs of God’s Church here on earth, both within our Congregations and in the greater community.