The Synod Archives:  a vital caretaker of your records

Each Congregation and Presbytery, is required to keep certain records for legal reasons or historical value. Are piles of records collecting dust in your premises? Sadly, as a result of recent natural disasters (floods and bush fires), some of these vital records (including baptismal and marriage registers) have been destroyed. This would not have happened if they had been deposited with the Synod Archives at North Parramatta.

Do you know of records which need to be deposited so as to ensure their safe-keeping for the future?

The 40th Anniversary edition of Insights highlighted a series of sketches by Tom Thompson which portrayed the inauguration ceremonies. These are part of the Synod Archives collections.

However, most of the records are more mundane. They are mainly records that provide evidence of important matters such as a church’s origins, structures, policies, programs and functions. Your records can then be used to answer questions about precedents and to assist researchers to document church or social history.

Once the records are received they are sorted and recorded in a database and then deposited in appropriate, off-site storage, from where they are retrieved when required. The offsite storage facility insures records are preserved and protected from further damage.

However, not every record is relevant and to ensure that only the relevant material is sent to North Parramatta, new guidelines have been developed.

For more information about how we preserve UCA records

Please contact the Synod Archives for a copy of the revised guidelines