Every year, at Easter and Christmas we design postcards that you can order and customise for your Congregation.

This Easter our theme is based around 1 Peter 1:3 – Christ as our living hope. The design of this year’s card has been created by Aaron Avery. Aaron is a participant in the Keeping Our Freedom Youth Indiginous Corporation (KOFY) Program. Through donations, this project aims to assist participants to gain employment appropriate to their skill set and aspirations.

To order and customise these postcards for your Church to letter box in your area, simply log-in to the Uniting Church Print Portal. Use the username “unitingchurch” and the password "login" then follow the prompts to register your details, customise the cards and then order.  An invoice and your order will be delivered within 7 days of purchase. Please allow 7 business days when ordering and if you plan to order do it as soon as you can.

  • 250 postcards - $110 + p/h
  • 500 postcards - $150 + p/h
  • 1000 postcards - $230 + p/h
  • 1500 postcards - $300 + p/h
  • 2000 postcards - $370 + p/h
  • Postcards need to be ordered in time to be delivered and distributed.
  • Plan to have them distributed by at least one week ahead of your events and order in time.
  • On the back of the card include the name of your Church, service times, a contact number and your website and email address.
  • If you are letterbox delivering the cards ensure that your co-workers are aware of the intent of the signed directions of “no junk mail” or “Australia Post only”.  Postcards must not be placed in these mailboxes.

Plan ahead, don't leave ordering till the last minute. Allow at least 7 business days for the printing and delivery of the postcards you require. Our printer deals with a high volume of printing and needs time to process orders.