Priority Care Network Launch

Uniting Resources, have engaged the services of Trinitas Group, an external service provider to assist with an early intervention program for our Workers Compensation claims. This program, Priority Care, enables employees of Church organisations to have access to independent trained medical practitioners in the community in a timely fashion following a workplace injury.

These medical practitioners understand the impact a workplace injury has on an individual, hence use the latest evidence based medicine as part of the rehabilitation.  They are also familiar with the work environment and acknowledge the current research that supports the best means to recovery is to stay at work if possible.  From the very initial consultation the medical practitioner will be in contact with all parties as to facilitate a full recovery. 

All small entities that hold a Workers Compensation policy with Allianz Australia for employees in New South Wales will have access to this service. This program is only available to employees of the organisations and is not available to volunteers, contractors or visitors on our sites.

Specific information will be emailed directly to policy holders in the coming week.

Please contact Rachel Watson, WHS Manager on 0429 042 659 or for further details.