To help you to tell the story of the Uniting Church in your communities, we have a wealth of tools to share

Our Guidelines provide the basic elements of our identity – logo, colours, typeface, language and visual style. They are the component parts which, when put together, forms the foundation on which to construct our stories with words and pictures.  Please use them to convey a clear and consistent Uniting Church identity.

Our Media Kit and Policy outlines what our members and supporters must do when engaging with the media to protect and enhance our brand and reputation.

Our Social Media Guidelines provides standards for engaging with public-facing social media channels including social networks, (FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat) and blogs, wikis, and forums.

A master logo file containing logos in every format here.

Our letter template can be used to adapt your Uniting Church written communications.

Our powerpoint template can be used to visually present our shared key messages.

Currently, our Communications and Marketing Team is rolling out personalised logos for Congregations and Presbyteries.

Contact the Team on 02 8267 4304 or email us for further assistance.