Exploring our Future Horizons


The Future Horizons strategy project is part of the process by which Uniting in NSW & the ACT is seeking to determine, in light of God’s Mission, what and where our work should be into the future.

We are inviting Uniting Church Presbyteries, congregation members and other Uniting Church stakeholders to participate in this discernment process with us.

On this page you can find out more about the project, register for a consultation forum and/or complete a short survey.

Find Out More

To learn more about the project and the consultation forums you can watch a short video or download a presentation here:

Introductory Video (13 minutes) – gives an overview of the context for the strategy project, as well as an introduction to the consultation forums.

Introductory Presentation – this presentation is used in the introductory video.



Register for a Consultation Forum

During June we conducted a series of consultation forums (see list below) - these are now complete.  Additional forums may still be added in one or two locations - registration will be reopened if so.  In the meantime, to have your say, complete a survey (see below) or contact the project team.

Church Leaders Forum:  Thursday 1st June
Northern Sydney Forum:  Wednesday 14th June
Younger Members Forum:  Thursday 15th June
Online/Webinar/Telephone: Tuesday, 20th June
Sydney Forum:  Saturday June 24th
 Western Sydney Forum:  Wednesday 28th June
Central Coast Forum:  Tuesday 27th June


Complete a Survey

Another option to have your say is to complete a short survey - click here

This should take 10-15 minutes to complete and responses are anonymous. 

You’re welcome to answer the survey questions whether or not you can make it to a consultation forum.

Contact Us

If you have other questions or comments about the project or the consultations, you can:

  • Contact your Presbytery Council, who may be able to assist or may be able to forward your question to a Uniting Council member;
  • Contact the project team directly - email mdicks@uniting.org.