Future Directions for the People of God on the Way

A contemporary, courageous & growing church

Future Directions for the People of God on the Way represents a pivotal opportunity for the Uniting Church Synod of NSW and ACT to courageously grow and seek the unique role God has for the future of the Church. Proposed and passed at Synod 2021, Future Directions casts a vision for the future of the Uniting Church to be a contemporary courageous and growing church.

In 2021 the Uniting Church Synod of NSW and ACT agreed on a strategy to renew the Church and called us to become a contemproary, courageous and growing Church -- across all geography, cultures and generations. Our Future Directions were formed in prayer, and will only be fulfilled in prayer. And like all prayer, Our Future Directions are addresses with humility to the living God, in and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The strategy - Future Directions for the People of God on the Way -- and its assoicated resource framework is born of the same mindset: that prayer will be the foundation for all our discussions and decisions about resourcing Future Directions.

Our Roadmap for Resourcing Future Directions

The Future Directions Rescourcing Framework is designed to enable the growth of the Church's witness to Jesus Christ by providing greater resources for ministry in and with rural and regional areas, young people, First Peoples, those who act for climate justice, and the renewal of discipleship in and through our congregations. The Future Directions Resourcing Framework will therefore provide resources for mission across the whole Church.

This period of renewal will be a signficant journey and is likely to take up to 10 years. One key challenge we must face together is that, while the Uniting Church has been good at new initiatives, we have too often failed to adequately resource them for success. Yet we are so fortunate that the Uniting Church is resource-rich.

A renewed commitment to the future will mean change.

The Synod Standing Committee has also considered the key commitments that we will need to implement in order to achieve our growth and resourcing goals.