Updated June 2022

As the community moves towards resuming normal activities, this website has been updated and streamlined to give you the relevant information for the current situation. 

COVID-19: Information Update - NSW & ACT 15/06/2022 | Download here

To enable Congregations to respond quickly if a COVID-19 case is associated with your premises, please complete the Response Plan and hold on site for quick reference.


Currently, the NSW Government has on offer 2 different streams of financial assistance to assist businesses and not for profits who have been affected by COVID-19 lockdowns. The two streams are:
  1. Small Business Fees and Charges Rebate (recently updated from last year)
  2. 2022 Small Business Support Program (new)

To help guide Congregations and Presbyteries, there are two documents available:

  1. 2022 COVID-19 NSW Government Support UCA Summary - A PDF document that provides an overview of the different grants and payments and provides information on how to apply for each one.
  2. 2022 COVID-19 NSW Government Support Ready Reckoner - An Excel spreadsheet that helps you to see if you qualify for any of the grants and payments.

Should you require any further information, please contact the Synod Office through: covid19grants@nswact.uca.org.au

  • Click here to visit the FAQs page.
  • Please keep referring to the Government COVID-19 website for more information in NSW and ACT
  • For useful posters and signage (various languages available), please visit the NSW Governments Covid Safe Toolkit site, or the ACT Government Business Resources site.
  • The COVID-19 Who to call A3 poster is also available in many languages but needs to be ordered through covid19@nswact.uca.org.au. Download the English version here.
  • For a list of Churches offering livestream or hybrid worship visit this page
  • Advice on Disinfection principles and How and what to clean
  • For current NSW Government information on vulnerable people click here. Vulnerable people include:
    • People aged 70 years and over
    • People aged 65 years and over with chronic medical conditions
    • People with a compromised immune system
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 50 years and older with one or more chronic medical conditions

COVID-19 safety plans for NSW are not required, however, congregations are encouraged to complete them to manage any risks in regards to COVID-19. Information on COVID-19 safety plans can be obtained here for those in NSW. 

For ACT congregations, safety plans are still required and a template can be found here

For both NSW and ACT congregations, you may use the COVID-19 Safety Plan Checklist.

Recommended Practices for Physical Gatherings