Ministry Resources 

We are curating this page every day for Churches that are looking for resources during this time while we can't phyisically gather together to worship.

As you come across resources you think would benefit the whole Church please send the links to Angela Cadena

Liturgy of the Empty Hands: The following Liturgy is designed to deviate only minimally from the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper as set out in Uniting Worship and other liturgical resources, to allow for the absence of bread and wine/juice – while retaining familiar foundations, in uncertain times. Download the liturgy here.

Coronavirus Liturgy and Prayer Resources: from the Church of England including prayers about the outbreak, prayers with children, worship at home and prayers if you can’t get to Church.

Liturgies for Worship are offered by a group of scholars, teachers, and worship leaders in The United Methodist Church.


Because the Lord’s My Shepherd: Song and music score composed by Rev. David McGregor for Psalm 23, which is in the Lectionary for this Sunday 21 March. Chris McNaught has recorded the vocals.

Click here for the Music:

Click here for the Score Sheet:


  • Prayers for the current season from the Assembly are available here.
  • Download the Pandemic Prayer from Rev. Margaret Reeson here.
  • Watch a video from Parramatta Nepean Presbytery for Pentecost and Reconcilation Week here.
  • Download a video from Northmead Uniting Church with the Moderator, General Secrertary and Associate General Secretary about Pentecost here.

Toilet Paper Blues: A 5-minute reflection and prayer from Rev. Rod Pattenden, Adamstown Uniting Church on toilet paper shortages – “We thank you God that you provide us with what we need.”

Reflection on community in the midst of a pandemic: a theological reflection by Rev. Dr John Squires on how we be Church in the midst of a crisis.
Certainty in uncertain times: Reflection and Prayer from Ravenswood School Chaplain Rev. Jon Humphries

A Call to Worship for Dispersed PeoplePrayer from Craig Mitchell

Insights magazine articles on COVID-19 are available here.

Ministry During Pandemic: From Awareness to Implementation by Dr. Naomi Paget, B.C.C., B.C.E.T.S. Fellow, National Center for Crisis Management 

Corona on the Side of the Road  - Indian Reflections on the Corona Virus based on the Good Samaritan written by Bill Loader, Emeritus Professor at Murdoch University. More resources available here.


The Saltbush - Uniting the Scattered Community team are doing weekly resources for use in any context. You can access their Vimeo channel here (resources are downloadable).

Project Reconnect: Find out more here .

Hold That Thought - Two seasons of 90 second sermons for use as conversation starters for small groups. You can stream from YouTube or download on the Hold That Thought Vimeo Channel and like and follow the Facebook page.

Resources to assist Churches during COVID-19: A basic handy list of resources in one place.

The Work of the People a spiritual visual library and virtual sanctuary for a growing community of people from all walks of life. You can subscribe to download the excellent videos from TWOFP from as little as $7 US per month.

For all the latest information from the Pulse Team, visit their website regularly. 

Explainer Video for Children about the spread of COVID-19:

Check back regularly at the Pulse websiteFacebook and Instagram for updates and information.

Pulse Mail

Do you want to receive Pulse Mail every week? It includes loads of cool sheets and craft ideas to work on while at home during social isolation. Sign up here to get it now.

If you want to reach out and assist the vulnerable in your community, an excellent initiative started by The Kindness Pandemic is cards you can put in your neighbours letterbox letting them know you care and if they are unable, offer to shop for them or pick something up from the local post office. Simply use the attached cards, by printing them and offering help during the COVID-19 crisis. Download the #viralkindness cards here.

  • Field Guide for the Future: Design, Theology, and Innovation. 12-week foundation course exploring items such as spiritual innovation in shifting landscape; changing cultural perspectives; transforming economic realities; innovative theology and new parables. 
  • Collaboration of USA Churches responding to COVID 19 via a 2 day digital summit. Visit the website for more information for a digital summit for churches and church leaders responding to COVID-19 presented by the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College and National Association of Evangelicals. All on-demand videos may now be viewed and shared.

Neighbourhood Matters is movement run by husband and wife team who are forming reflective practitioners for service in the ecology of the urban neighbourhood. For more information visit the website.

Churches can extend their CCLI music licences if they haven't already, by contacting CLLI here to livestream across any platform, whether it is from a website or from Facebook

The CCLI Streaming Licence is designed to legally provide a live stream or a podcast of a church’s worship service. A "Digital" transmission is considered a broadcast.

The base requirements for the Streaming Licence is that it(s):

  • Requires an active Church Copyright License to reproduce (record) services. (not performances/covers/etc)
  • Pricing is based on the church attendance, as with the CCLI normal licence. Sizes must match. (the views do not matter, overseas or otherwise)
  • Songs must be covered under the CCLI Licence.
  • Live music only; no pre-recorded music, such as an artist or record label recordings sold commercially.
  • Recorded during the actual church service. Nothing added.**

 ** This won't be on the site because it is only for this time. At this point, with the licence, it would cover however the stream comes together, even with post production in the service, which means prerecording is allowed to a certain extent. It's more the process at the other end. It's meant to be a service - so it should follow the usual routine - but if you record the worship at one point and then the message/prayers etc and then do some post-production that's fine. This would mean that using a clip recorded and used at an earlier date would be okay as long as it is YOUR worship team and it is placed as part of the service as a whole.

There has been a lot information doing the rounds of the web about "Zoom bombers". This can occur when you publicise a Zoom link on a platform like social media. We would warn against such a practice and advertise the Zoom meeting with an invitation to join through email.

If you have already begun a session and find an unwanted attendee has joined you can do the following:

  1. If the Participantspanel is not visible, click Manage Participants at the bottom of the Zoom
  2. Next to the person you want to remove, click More.
  3. From the list that appears, click Remove.

Personal Giving to your Church through Uniting Financial Services

  • Personal giving can be set up through Uniting Financial Services with Giving Direct here.

No cost online giving

  • Direct Debit is simple & straight-forward. Churches can share their banking details, and individuals use their banking apps to set payments (one-off or regular scheduled payments). No price, and no transaction fees.

Low cost online giving platforms

  • PayPal is a familiar platform for anyone making online payments. No price, however a 2.2% + $0.30 fee per transaction. PayPal has a simple button users can add to any page on a website or embed in an email. You can also set up PayPal.Me to create a customised landing page with a link unique to your church for your PayPal Donors to visits.
  • is free to set up and easy for admins to manage. They have great customer service and are available to answer questions through online chat or over the phone. Free to use, with 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (prices are in US$). Members can give through the app or through a website integration that doesn’t require users to leave your church website. Members can also opt to ‘cover the fee’. Visit the website for more information and resources.
  • PushPay is a dedicated church online giving platform. Prices are tiered based on features, and with fees ranging  2.5% – 3% per transaction (prices are in US$). Visit the PushPay website for more information about features.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we will all be spending more time online and it is a good time to have some refreshers for cybersecurity and how to recognise scams and other important information. Synod IT and Assembly have prepared the following documents: