All Presbyteries and Congregations are encouraged to continuously assess their operations and activities against the current advice contained within the public orders from the NSW and ACT Government Health Departments.

Should a Presbytery or Congregation determine that it can continue a community service/activity safely and in accordance with regulatory requirements (including guidance concerning, personal hygiene, social distancing and control of mass gatherings) the following is required:

  • Advise your Presbytery of the activity to help them assess in light of the pandemic
  • For more specific advice or assistance contact the Synod Covid-19 Hotline - 02 8267 4300
  • If you have specific enquiries email and the team with direct your enquiry to the relevant area of Synod.

Latest COVID-19 Information in your language

SBS is committed to keeping you up to date in your language on the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic. You can now access COVID-19 information in 63 different languages here.

Other multilingual services:

Phone: 02 8267 4300 or email

For all the latest information on re-gathering, visit the COVID-19 Safe Roadmap website


For archived COVID-19 Information Updates, visit the archive page.

For all the latest information on re-gathering, visit the COVID-19 Safe Roadmap website

For archived COVID-19 Guidance Notes visit the archive page.

  • COVID-19 Guidance Note - JobKeeper 2.0 [GN17] Download here. Calculation Excel template also available here. (Issued 24/9/20) 
  • COVID-19 Guidance Note - ACT Covid-19 Guidance Note - Summary of Standard Requirements [GN18] Download here
  • COVID-19 Guidance Note - Mr Joseph La Posta letter to religious leaders [GN19] Download here. (Issued 02/11/20)
  • Update 04/12/20: Guidance note 20. Download here
  • Update 21/12/20: Guidance Note 21A Download here
  • Update 24/12/20: Guidance Note 22 Download here
  • Update 02/01/21: Guidance Note 23 Download here
  • Update 12/01/21: Guidance Note 24 Download here
  • Update 28/01/21: Guidance Note 24 (updated for Greater Sydney) Download here
  • COVID-19 Guidance Note - Updated Restrictions [GN25] Download here (issued 15/02/2021)
  • COVID-19 - Guidance Note - Easing of Restrictions [GN26]. Download here
  • COVID-19 - Guidance Note - ACT Easing of Restrictions [GN27]. Download here

For all the latest information on re-gathering, visit the COVID-19 Safe Roadmap website

  • Download the Information Update on applications for Zoom Pro licences through the Synod here.
  • Download the Zoom Licence Application Process here.
  • For the direct link to the online Zoom Pro License Request Form click here.
  • Watch the video of the presentation here.