The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety: interim report released

As outlined on the Royal Commission website, the interim report covers much, but not all, of the work of the Commissioners through to September 2019. The final report covering all of the Commission’s work and recommended reforms is scheduled to be released in November 2020. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released its interim report on 31 October.

Tracey Burton, Uniting’s Executive Director says, “We acknowledge that the aged care sector needs reform and will embrace the call for a transformation in how we value and support older people in our community.

“With the Commission’s final report and recommendations on reforms not due until November 2020, Uniting is committed to listening, learning, and acting immediately on what is in our control to continuously improve as an aged care provider.”

Uniting has welcomed the Royal Commission as an opportunity to have much-needed discussion about the future of aged care, and is advocating for the following long-term reforms:

  • All older Australians have genuine choices that meet their needs.
  • Greater home-based care.
  • Greater innovation that promotes improved health and wellbeing.
  • Skilled and fairly paid workforce delivering high quality care.
  • Sustainable services for all seniors through a mix of government and consumer contributions.

Tracey Burton says, “The interim report also importantly acknowledges that there are many people in the aged care sector who provide exemplary care, and there are providers who are delivering innovative care models. This is something we are focused on at Uniting to ensure our residents and clients exercise more choice and experience dignity in their daily lives.”

Feedback from residents and clients, and their families, is critical to improving the aged care services that Uniting provides. If you use a Uniting service, or have a loved one who does, you can provide feedback as follows:

  • Email:
  • Call the Helpdesk: 1800 864 846, Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 6.00pm AEST.
  • Complete the ‘Have your say’ form, available on the Uniting website.